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Here you can test drive the Sobi Favorites plugin which is available from http://www.hotpropertydesigns.com/joomla/sobi2-favourites-center.html


You can log in to the site with one of the following details:

Username: guest1
Password:  guest1

Username: guest2
Password:  guest2

Username: guest3
Password:  guest3

Test the Plugin

  • Once logged in you can browse the sobi entries and click the "add to favourite" button to save the listing.
  • You can also perform a search in sobi by clicking the Search Sobi menu. After the results are shown you can click "save search" to save this search.
  • In the user menu on the left you will be able to use the links to see your saved listings and searches

Customise the Plugin

  • With the included css and language files, you can totally customise how to plugin looks and the language used.
  • You can also choose where you want the add to favorite/remove from favorite links to display in your sobi templates.
  • You can also decide to have it on the standard vcard or the detailed view, or both.

See it in action

To see this plugin in action on a live, styled site, check out http://www.harringtons.cc






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